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Travel guide to exclusive holidays in Morocco :

When we think of our travels to Morocco, it is often the small, personal moments that linger in our memories, the strongest of all are those of sheer happiness and joy.

There are many specific holiday experiences but there are plenty of more generic moments that elicit travel euphoria to Morocco for us. Sitting around a campfire in the High Atlas Mountains – or on the roof of a Riad, or in cosy Kasbah with convivial company in the south. Lying awake at night under the starlit sky in the Sahara dunes listening to the sound of the wind. Awe inspiring views of the Atlas Mountains, amazing vistas have made us want to share vacation moments in the world around us. Then there is the elation of turning off a tarmac road and onto a rough 4×4 track safari of the southern desert …our spirit soars with anticipation every time we leave  medieval medina of Marrakech, fes or even Rabat. And there is the anticipation when we leave the airport or station in just about any new destination in Morocco.

LET us celebrate some of the happiest places on this hospitable earth and activities out here. We take you to the pristine sand dunes, Morocco’s spiritual and cultural hubs for unique encounters, up High Atlas Mountains for some thin air elation, and to the lands of Berber and nomadic communities and ultimately to the  heart of some fascinating places on this remarkable land of encounters, surprises and ultimate hospitality.

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Toubkal, high atlas , trekking, adventure, moroccan mountains

5 days/4 nights
Morocco is only a stone’s throw from Europe, so why not pop over for an exotic short break! In and around Marrakech there is so much to...
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Lakes & cedar mountains

12 Days
Morocco cycling holidays Cedars, forests and lakes: Itinerary: One of the most fascinating on two-wheels tour around the middle atlas central...
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Disabled travellers

Special tours for people with disabilities: Moroccan Skies is specialising in accessible travel for People with Disabilities and Senior...
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Marackech visit, cultural tours, shopping, daytrips

05 Dec 2016- 08 Dec 2017
When you are Marrakech and  you only require a specific service to be done: a transfer from city to city, a guided tour of the medina, a daylong...
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670.00 $170$

Rabat cultural visit, monuments, foodies, walking tours

   Rabat in a Day:  About Rabat : For so many it remains Morocco‘s most favoured coastal town, Rabat offers both a contrast and an escape that...
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Start from 75$ pp170$

Erg, sands and dunes

15 Days
Morocco biking holidays: Ergs, sands and dunes… Amongst the wide open spaces of Ergs and barren landscapes of the Sahara we cycle exploring...
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